About Us

Investing in Tasmanians

Our Purpose

Supporting young people to achieve their goals in life.

Our Vision

A thriving, connected, inclusive and diverse community where every young Tasmanian has the opportunity to live a good life.

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Colony 47 is the lead agency for Housing Connect in southern Tasmania. We aim to provide our community with safe, fit for purpose and affordable housing and support networks. We collaborate with various services and housing providers to assist people in accessing social and affordable housing.

We work to achieve tangible, positive change by working with young people and those at risk of homelessness. Our services range from anywhere from early intervention stage to crisis support.

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Youth Solutions

We are working to create transformative, positive and impactful change for young people, their friends, family and the community. To meet the needs of young people, Colony 47 works at a state and national level. This is to provide services that help young people access:

  • housing and education,
  • develop vocational and life skills,
  • find employment
  • and build meaningful family relationships.

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Youth Solutions


We know that young Tasmanian’s are struggling more than ever to have a home. Rental availability and rental affordability are the major drivers of youth housing crisis and homelessness.

The option to move into a cheap share house with friends while working casually and studying is gone… because affordable options are no longer available.

That’s where we can help.

We’ve started to pilot a rental support program in Tasmania for 18–24-year old’s who are ready for independent living while working or learning a trade.

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People First

We see the potential in everyone and invest in them to achieve their goals.

Learning and Growing

We learn from our mistakes and challenge ourselves to include, listen, learn and create a better way.


We are kind, compassionate and open in the way we engage with ourselves and others.

Grounded and Real

We stay grounded by listening and understanding the stories of people’s journeys in life.

Leading and Creating Legacy

We take the opportunity to lead and resolve social issues to create our legacy.

Happy, Healthy and Having Fun

We are happy, healthy and have fun in celebrating people’s success.

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