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Bodhi, born and raised in Tassie, is also part of the first cohort moving into our JumpStart share houses.

Bodhi has also been struggling to find permanent accommodation for a few years and had just recently been assisted into a private rental through Anglicare in Launceston.

Gaining a job on the New Bridgewater Bridge, however, means relocating to the south of the state and that’s where our JumpStart program comes in.

Bodhi is able to move down for his new job with mates Will and Luke.

Living in a share house environment is the perfect place to start. It builds on your independent living skills and also provides a cheaper way of doing things as all the costs are split throughout the household.

“I’m looking forward to the sharing house and the social setting it will provide”, said Bodhi “It’s a good set up and I feel very lucky.”

Bodhi is also keen to get into the financial mentoring that our partner MyState Bank will provide and other wrap around support services that are on offer as part of the program.


We asked Will a bit more about himself:

  • Also wants to mow the lawns,
  • fave lunch box snack is a tin of tuna,
  • likes Cluedo,
  • and enjoys savoury over sweet.

Are you ready for independent living?


Find out more about our JumpStart program today and how we could assist with a weekly rental subsidy of up to $50pw.

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