We’re updating our brand!

The experience of those working at Colony 47 is that people prevail over disadvantage. That is how Colony 47 was born and while we have evolved a great deal in the time since, these ideas continue to guide and inspire us.

There will always be young people to help and there will always be Colony 47, although a name change is needed. As times change so do the meanings of words.

We are excited to be working with staff and community on a Brand Revitalisation for 2024 and we’re expecting to re-launch from 1 July so stay tuned for updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we revitalising our brand?

We’ve been around for over 50 years, and we want to be around for another 50+ years.

To do this and be here welcoming the young people of today – we need a new identity that reflects us and is appealing to those we are here to support.

We know it’s a big thing, and we want to honour where we’ve come from but also know we need to change to be there for the future.

Why are we changing our name?

Our history of supporting young people continues to inspire our staff and the community, but our current name can be a source of confusion.

There isn’t a colonial history on the planet that doesn’t involve environmental exploitation and cultural destruction and we are no longer attached to 47 Davey St, our original home.

It is time to create a new identity for the organisation that sends a bold message about our values.

Will we be updating our logo?

Yes, we will. With our new name, we’ll also be launching a new visual identity – one that represents our purpose.

But, while we might look a bit different on the outside soon, we’ll still be the same passionate group of people striving to make a difference on the inside!

Will our vision and purpose be changing?

No, we still exist to help young Tasmanians to live a good life.

Our vision, purpose and values will not be changing. Our people first, passionate staff will still all be working towards our common goal to end youth homelessness.

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Our mission is to end youth homelessness. Despite complex barriers, we know that with the right supports young people can move out of crisis towards brighter futures.

Head over and find out more about us and the impact we’re striving to make in the Tasmanian community.

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