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For the past 10 years running the Housing Connect front door in Southern Tasmania our passionate team has helped support over 60,000 Tasmanians achieve their housing goals.

This includes help with supported accommodation, social and private housing applications, bonds, rent arrears and referrals to support services and shelters.

While we won’t be operating Housing Connect from June 30, we remain here for Tasmanians.

We’ll be using our extensive and deep knowledge of the issues faced by young Tasmanians to look for agile and flexible solutions that make an impact.

We know we have the right team of people leading and believing in young people. We will work with young Tasmanians, empowering them with the tools and capabilities to live independently, achieve their goals and live a good life.

We are not walking away from a challenge; we’re running towards Ending Youth Homelessness.

While we’ve aided Tasmanians daily throughout our time in Housing Connect, we look back at some of the more extraordinary achievements during that time.

Human Rights Awards Finalists, 2018

In 2018 we became finalists in the 2018 Human Rights Commission Community Organisation Award.

These Awards recognise those that deserve to be applauded for their devotion to making Australia a better place and their commitment to ensuring our rights and freedoms are enjoyed by all, on an equal basis.

They celebrate and honour the achievement of outstanding contributors to the mission imagined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our Housing Connect team were nominated in recognition of the important work they carried out in the community.

Housing Summit, 2018

In 2018, the reporting of homelessness at the Showgrounds and Berriedale drew attention to the cohort of rough sleepers and generated a crisis response from the Tasmanian government in the form of a Housing Summit.

As part of the Housing Summit discussions in March 2018, the Housing Connect partners identified an immediate need to improve the way we connected with people who were experiencing homelessness and particularly people who were rough sleeping over the winter period.

As a result of these discussions, the Tasmanian Government made a positive $500,000 funding commitment to the design and implementation of an assertive outreach service.

As the lead agency of Housing Connect in Southern Tasmania, Colony 47 was able to respond to the funding immediately and co-design a tailored approach with its Housing Connect partners and Housing Tasmania to meet the needs of people who were experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping.

Following this outreach work, we identified a gap in the service system where there was a lack of advocacy for rough sleeping clients in the process of allocation of available shelter and housing opportunities.

To address this service gap, we implemented initiatives to create a solutions coordination position.

Huon Valley Bushfires, 2019

We saw a powerful demonstration of Tasmanian’s rallying when something happens to people in our backyard, during the Huon Valley Bushfires in 2019.

While working in the front line of bushfire relief in the Huon Valley we became aware of 600 people who for many reasons, found it not safe for them to return home and had nowhere safe to sleep that night.

Six hundred people is a pretty good sample size of a community, so within that group we had people experiencing mental ill health, people experiencing or at risk of domestic violence, people with differing physical abilities and health needs as well as those who could not be removed from their beloved pets.

But each one of those 600 people were housed.

Safely, appropriately, and easily. It was a marvellous and rewarding experience to be a part of.

Thank you again to our friends and colleagues who made Housing Connect such a welcoming and supportive service for Tasmanians in need. 

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Housing Connect is changing.

From 12pm on Friday 28th June, Colony 47 will no longer deliver any Housing Connect programs.

Housing Connect services are still available and will be delivered by Anglicare, CatholicCare, Hobart City Mission, and Wintringham.

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