Colville Place

Colville Place provides young people aged 12-15 with accommodation support.

Last Year, Colville Place provided 70 support period accommodation supports averaging 27 days per support period.

Colville Place has provided:

  • A total of 190 activities offered each year
  • A total of 602 participant assists each year
  • A total of 574 outgoing referrals each year
  • A total of 55 participants exited to secure accommodation each year
  • A total of 63 participants exited with appropriate supports in place each year
  • A total of 133 child safety concerns reported each year
  • A total of 44 family and care meetings facilitated each year
  • A total of 226 non-residents assisted each year
  • A total of 126 participants engaged in education each year
  • A total of 45 participants more securely housed at exit

Advantaged Thinking Framework

Colville Place follows an Advantaged Thinking framework that is focused on identifying, developing and most importantly, investing in the skills, capabilities and assets of these young people so that they can establish sustainable lives.

Some of the key ideas and frameworks include:

  • inclusive growth
  • the capabilities approach
  • social capital (networks)
  • social citizenship

At Colville Place we value the contributions of our young people in the community and our social campaign is to advocate the strengths and capabilities of young people and the outcomes we can achieve when we adopt this approach.  Advantaged Thinking moves away from a deficit approach into a capabilities and opportunities approach that allows us to support each young person with all aspects of their lives including community participation, positive social networks and connections, skills development, education engagement and employment/training opportunities.

Arty Pizza Party

Arty Pizza Party (APP) is a fun and interactive art activity that is run at Colville Place by Colony 47’s PaKT program.

The lovely team who delivers APP are there to supply pizza, listen to residents and provide an artistic outlet that will help make Colville Place feel more like home.

The team works alongside the young people at Colville Place to come up with the artistic activities each week.

So far, we have created things like art journals, paint and chalk murals, dream catchers, sculptures, plant pots, paintings, tie-dyed t-shirts and pillowcases, positivity rocks, decorations for the house and for residents’ rooms, and much more!

Residents can come to APP every Monday evening from 5:30pm-7:00pm to eat pizza, get creative and chill out or have a chat.

Young people can also invite an adult family member to come with them to APP if they would like.

At COVID-19 Stage 1 – Being Aware, Safe and Healthy

We remain open for business as usual.  You will see that our staff are being more diligent with personal hygiene and safe social distancing measures.

Current Service Delivery

  • We are here to support you. Our staff remain to work as per normal from our supported accommodation facilities and new referrals are being taken
  • If you are felling unwell, we encourage you not to visit us in person, but please call instead.
  • You can reach our Colville Place team on 1800 931 686.

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