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“Our weekly home visits are sometimes the only contact they've had all week.”

As a child, Danni experienced housing insecurity, and when she moved to Tasmania almost a decade ago, she sought assistance from Colony 47 to help secure a bond for accommodation.

That lived experience sparked something inside her, and she now uses that passion to help others.

Danni is a case coordinator with our Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI), and her mission is to support people dealing with mental health challenges and anything else that impacts their wellbeing.

“My role is to help in any way I can, whether connecting clients with resources, assisting them in conflict resolution, improving their mental health or ensuring they have a stable place to live,” she said.

Since 2018 HASI has supported 39 people exit mental health care settings. All but one of these participants has maintained their tenancies. We are currently supporting 13 participants as part of the HASI program.

“People can feel like they’re facing challenges alone and become overwhelmed, but when they come to us, they have a safe space to discuss anything and everything.

“Our support has a broad scope and we meet individuals where they are.”

For clients experiencing poor mental health, social isolation can be a significant issue.

Transitioning from a shelter, where they had a sense of community, to living alone can be incredibly challenging.

“The power of companionship cannot be underestimated; we’ve had clients express how much they appreciate our weekly home visits because sometimes we’re the only person they’ve seen or spoken to all week.”

One of Danni’s clients had a real fear of accessing medical services due to past trauma. She helped them overcome their fear and took them to a doctor’s appointment for the first time in over a year.

“While it may not seem like a big deal, having someone by their side through that experience was a massive win. They were hesitant, but we encouraged them to try it and we worked through it together.

“And guess what? They sat through the entire appointment, triumphing over their fear which was so awesome to see, and life-changing going forward,” she said.

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