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David's journey with the Eureka Clubhouse is a testament to the power of community and support.

Despite being legally blind, David’s warm, welcoming character and unwavering positivity shine through to anyone who visits our Eureka Clubhouse.

His journey began in 2010 when he became a member of the Clubhouse – a place that would change his life forever.

Eureka Clubhouse empowers individuals with mental health challenges through inclusive activities, education, training, life skills development and support services.

David became involved in Glenorchy City Council’s Access Committee through the Clubhouse, and visits from local politicians ignited a spark within him for politics.

He seized every opportunity to discuss growing up with different abilities, becoming a powerful advocate for those whose voices often go unheard.

With the support of the Eureka Clubhouse staff, David navigated the complex world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), gaining access to essential services for his mental health and visual impairments.

Encouraged by the Clubhouse team, he also ventured into public speaking and motivational talks, honing his skills while completing first aid and cooking courses.

Within the Clubhouse, David embraced new technologies and even earned the nickname ‘Barista’ at Eureka after completing a course provided by the Clubhouse.

As he grew, so did his connection with the community, raising awareness about mental health and advocating for people of all abilities.

In 2016, an incredible opportunity came knocking for David.

He represented the Eureka Clubhouse at a national conference in Queensland, where he had the chance to listen to stories and experiences from fellow Clubhouses across the country.

The experience made him feel valued, heard and believed in – he found a place of belonging.

The Eureka Clubhouse became a catalyst for personal growth and transformation for David and challenged the views and values he grew up with, leading to a profound shift in perspective. He learned to accept himself and embrace and accept everyone around him.

David’s journey with the Eureka Clubhouse is a testament to the power of community and support.

Showing us that people can thrive, defy limitations, break barriers and impact the world with the right environment and support.

Congratulations David, we’re so proud of you!!

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