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Born in Congo, David* grew up in Ethiopia before moving to Darwin as a teenager.

After becoming sick of the heat, David and his brother came to visit Tasmania for six months before falling in love with the place and wanting to settle here.

David obtained labouring and construction work here in Hobart, through Integrated Workforce, a labour hire company that specialises in providing opportunities for people with refugee backgrounds.

His Catholic Care caseworker, Nectaria, also helped out a lot by providing the link to our JumpStart program once David had steady employment and was still looking for a home.

As a JumpStart share house resident, David is finally looking forward to being able to save money and live well with his brother as they start a new life.

“I’m looking forward to finally living independently” says David; “of having the stability of being in a home, your own space. Thank you to everyone involved in the program for help through the process. I’m really grateful.”

Already happy to have a good community of friends, David is also very appreciative of the program that will allow him to have stability and peace of mind. To get his independence and get out on his own!

*Note: We’ve changed David’s name and image is not of David in order to protect his identity.


We asked David to tell us a bit about himself:

  • Favourite show is Naruto
  • Would rather mow the lawns
  • Likes slow jazz
  • Lunch includes a chicken sandwich
  • Can make a good chicken and rice dish
  • Loves soccer and reading the bible
  • Enjoys chess
  • Prefers savoury over sweet

Are you ready for independent living?


Find out more about our JumpStart program today and how we could assist with a weekly rental subsidy of up to $50pw.

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