Dollars for Change

Dollars for Change is a fundraising initiative of Colony 47 that is supported by the Tasmanian Hospitality Industry.

Patrons of participating venues donate $2 or more at the end of their dining experience into a small envelope that is collected by the venue on behalf of Colony 47.

Every cent of the money raised is used in Tasmania to help Tasmanians.

For further information on Dollars for Change, or to become a participating business, please contact us at

“The hospitality industry can make such a big difference to disadvantaged Tasmanians with very little impact to  everyday operations. I encourage other venues interested in supporting Colony 47 and $2 for Change to call me, I’m happy to talk about how easy it is and why we feel it is so important to give back to the community.”

Angelo Fraraccio of Ristorante Da Angelos

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