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Emily is our very first JumpStart share house resident. Having heard about the program from her fill in WorkSkills case worker, Emily jumped at the chance to contact us and fill in an application.

Now aged 19, Emily has been living in foster care since the age of two and is excited to be learning to live independently and getting the wrap around support offered by the program.

As an apprentice hairdresser, entering into the JumpStart program also means being closer to work, TAFE schooling and public transport. The subsidy means Emily will be able to save more and work towards graduating into her own private rental at the end of her lease with us.

Emily has been looking to move out of home since turning 16, but the cost of private rentals and getting into the market as a young adult was overwhelming. All the questions from owners and the fact she had no rental history made the task even harder.

Emily remarks that the support from JumpStart not only to find a house but to help her enter her own sublease has been amazing.

Apart from moving into a safe and secure home, Emily is most looking forward to the budgeting mentorship that our partner, MyState Bank will be providing as part of their support for participants. Emily is also keen to learn how to cook while living in the share house environment.

*Note: Image is not of Emily in order to protect her identity.


We asked Emily to tell us a bit about herself:

  • Loves the Arctic Monkeys
  • Fave movie is Lilo and Stitch
  • Would rather mop than mow
  • Loves a good song while cleaning
  • Go to snack is chocolate
  • Dinner creation is spag bog
  • Favourite sport is Volleyball
  • Plays Monopoly
  • Loves sweet food and animals

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Find out more about our JumpStart program today and how we could assist with a weekly rental subsidy of up to $50pw.

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