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In this article we’re going to look at how to prepare you for end of tenancy cleaning. Cleaning your house at the end of a tenancy is important to ensure you get you bond back. Let’s look at why you must clean and where to focus your energy on.

Most rentals will require a big clean before you move out. The property needs to be in the same condition as it was when you moved in. This will also help you get a great reference for any future rentals.

End of tenancy cleaning checklist

  1. Plan!

Whether you’re cleaning your house yourself or hiring someone to do it professionally you need to plan. If cleaning yourself make sure you leave enough time to get everything spotless. If hiring someone professional to do it, call and discuss what is needed in advance. Your carpet will need to be professionally steam cleaned so that should be one of your top priorities before moving out.

  1. Clean room by room.

Regular cleaning will go a long way to getting you ready for an end of lease clean.

Bedroom – Clean built-in wardrobes including doors, frames, handle, hang rails, shelves and inside walls. Wipe down any mirrors.

Kitchen – Clean oven/grill/stove top inside and out. Clean any switches, and filters. Dishwasher and fridge inside and out. Sink including taps, plugs, spout, drain and tub. Tops of benches. Splash back including silicon and grout if tiling. Cupboards and pantries including handles, doors, shelves, and walls.

Bathroom – Shower including door frame, handles, silicon, grout, base, taps, spouts and hoses. Bath including base, silicon, grout, taps and spout. Shelving, mirrors, cabinets, vanity, fan, and lights. Toilet including seat, cistern, pipes, lid and bowl.

Living/dining – Heat pump including outside of unit and fully clean filters.

Laundry – Trough including tub, under tub cabinet, taps, spout, plug, front and sides. Washing machine taps. Dryer, inside and outside including door, glass and filter. Patch and paint wall where damage is caused. Washing machine including inside, detergent/softener tray, filter, front and sides.

External/yard – Remove personal belongings, sweep paths, driveways, steps, porches and decks. Put bins out for collection. Mow any lawns, complete weeding and edging. If vehicles have been parked on the lawn, purchase topsoil and grass seed to fix space.

General for entire property – Clean all windows inside and out including windowsills and tacks. All skirting boards and cobwebs need to be cleaned. Tops and front of power points and light switches. All light fittings and light shades. Have all carpeted spaces professionally steam cleaned (vacuumed prior to this). Vacuum and mop all lino, vinyl and tiled areas. All door handles, door tracks and door frames. Complete fumigation treatment if pets have been owned.

  1. Have correct supplies.

This doesn’t need to be professional cleaning supplies but going to Woolworths or Coles and buying in date cleaning supplies such as Windex and Jif.

  1. Request your original entry condition receipt received at the start of your tenancy to assess standard of cleaning.

Using this guide will ensure your property will be ready for the end of your lease. If done right, you will get your whole bond back which will come in handy for future bonds. We hope this helps for your next end of lease!

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