Eureka Clubhouse

Do you want to make friends? Are you good at cooking? Do you have a green thumb? Keen to upskill and get an employment in the future? Looking to unlock your potential? You have strength and skills you want to use to contribute to the community?

If you said YES to any of the question above, then come join us!! The best part is our membership is FREE! Call us 6278 9179 and visit us to know more. We’re open every Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.

Eureka Clubhouse supports people from all walks of life with mental health backgrounds to get the best out of themselves and each other.

Eureka Clubhouse is a psychosocial non-clinical community mental health program which operates using The International Clubhouse Model that supports individuals who have lived experience with mental health. Through participation in Eureka Clubhouse, you are given opportunities to explore friendships, participate in a work ordered day, recreational and educational activities and employment support.

We believe in power of the community and that everyone has something to bring to the Clubhouse. We acknowledge and respect each other’s story and believe it makes us stronger. Clubhouse is a space for members to unlock their potential and utilise the grassroot services from the community to nurture their growth.

Any person over 18 who has experienced, or is experiencing, mental ill-health and who would benefit from support, activities and the opportunity to build relationships is welcome at Eureka Clubhouse.

The opportunity to join Eureka Clubhouse begins with a simple visit, followed by an orientation site visit. Anyone is free to access the service daily Monday to Friday 9 am – 3 pm.

Open since February 1995, the Clubhouse is part of a national group of services that use the International Clubhouse model. This model is designed to support people to connect within the community as an alternative to traditional clinical mental health services.

The service is funded by the Department of Health, Tasmania. Eureka Clubhouse also raises funds for extra activities by selling daily meals and canteen items.

I first came to the Clubhouse because I suffered with anxiety. I found that talking to people has helped me re-gain my mental health. I’m so grateful to the staff and members who have assisted me.

…This place has saved my life...

Eureka Clubhouse Member

Group activities

Christmas Lunch

Date: Wednesday 13 December 2023

Time:  10am – 1pm

Venue: Eureka Clubhouse

Detail: Have a Christmas Lunch while enjoying a play by Lulo Hub and a music performance by members.

Fee: $10 – includes a raffle ticket.

If there are any questions, please contact staff on 6278 9179.

General Members Meeting

Date: Wednesday 22 November 2023

Time: 11am – 12pm

Venue: Eureka Clubhouse

Detail: General Members Meeting is for all members to give suggestions, discuss and make decision for the planning and activities in the Clubhouse. These meetings give members a chance to know what’s happening and to have a say about the Clubhouse.

Fee: Free

If there are any questions, please contact staff on 6278 9179.

Advisory Board Member - Expression of Interest

Date: 28 November – 20 December 2023

Time: 9am – 3pm

Venue: Eureka Clubhouse

Detail: We’re recruiting three new Advisory Members – if you’re interested, please contact staff.

Fee: Free

If there are any questions, please contact staff on 6278 9179.

Walking football

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 1pm – 2pm

Venue: Moonah Sports Centre Court 1

Detail: Come along and play football with others. Remember, walking only, no running!

Fee: Free

If there are any questions, please contact staff on 6278 9179.

Walking group

Date: Wednesday 6 December, 17 and 31 January.

Time: 10am – 11am

Venue: Meet at Eureka Clubhouse – walk the Moonah Bike Track

Detail: Enjoy the time with members and the nature. Keep body fit and healthy.

Fee: Free

If there are any questions, please contact staff on 6278 9179.


Date: Every Friday

Time: 10am – 12.00pm

Venue: Eureka Clubhouse

Detail: Choose your songs and sing along.

Fee: Free

If there are any questions, please contact staff on 6278 9179.

Daily work-ordered tasks

We have various daily work-order task in the Clubhouse during our opening hours. These include administration, cooking, cleaning and customer service. These tasks are for you to utilise your strengths, skills, and experience. And upskilling for those who would like to learn a new skill.

All the work is voluntary, you can decide the number of hours you want to involve in the task.


Detail: Answering phone calls, taking messages, photo copying, laminating, data recording.


Detail: Making shopping lists and do shopping. Help to prepare ingredients, cook, wash and clean benches.


Detail: Making and selling drinks, including instant and barista coffee, and foods, handling money, using an EFTPOS machine, restocking.


Detail: Clean the bathroom, dining room, wipe tables, mop floors, change the rubbish bins bags.


Detail: Watering, planting plants in the garden, mowing lawn, trimming trees.

During the 2022 – 2023 financial year:

At least 27 members took part in goal planning development and implementation.

Provided 1,319 outreach contacts during the period, averaging 109 a month.

Had 74% of members report an increased quality of life.

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