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Eva comes all the way from Queensland after moving to Tassie in 2019 to attend the University of Tasmania.

Graduating during the middle of this year, Eva completed an English and Writing Degree and is hoping to obtain work in the world of Publishing and Editing. 

Currently, Eva works part time in a warehouse and also works for the Student Magazine at UTAS.

Eva currently lives in a private share house with 3 other people and heard about JumpStart through a friend. 

“The rent subsidy I receive has been really helpful in just allowing me to spend more money on food, that I otherwise wasn’t able to do” says Eva. 

“That extra money that I have means I can buy fresh fruit and vegetables that was unaffordable before due to inflation and everything being awful. It’s so nice to be able to do this, as it was the first thing to go.”

The JumpStart program is available to support young people who may already be housed but need an extra hand to pay the rent. 

When asked what she likes to contribute to the share home, Eva says cleaning as it’s satisfying and you can see the difference!


We asked Eva to tell us a bit more:

  • Favourite Singer is Holly Humberstone​
  • Loves LOST and The Haunting of Hill House​
  • Prefers sweet over savoury​
  • Listens to audiobooks when cleaning​
  • Loves macadamias and cashews as a snack as they carry your over until you can get home and eat a real meal​
  • Loved the book Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth​
  • Plays Scattegories​
  • Would rather mow the lawn than mop

Are you ready for independent living?


Find out more about our JumpStart program today and how we could assist with a weekly rental subsidy of up to $50pw.

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