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Young lady standing out the front of Colony 47 office.

Hannah breaks into a bright smile when she talks about her job and having a safe, secure home of her own.

It is a very different picture to the one 12 months earlier, when she was doing it tough; living day to day.

“I had honestly given up, I was sick of looking for jobs, I was sick of trying, (it) felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.”

Growing up, Hannah’s family life was not stable. She says the one secure thing in her life was a job at a fast food franchise, which she had for most of her teenage years.

Then the pandemic came and took that away.

Through Centrelink, Hannah was referred to us and paired with youth development coach Lincoln.

At the heart of Colony 47’s approach is offering support across a range of areas. Including housing, health and mental wellbeing, training and education, and pathways to employment.

Hannah said there was a direct link between having a fixed, secure home and being able to access training and employment opportunities.

“It is really difficult. Trying to hold a job without a stable place to live is one of the hardest things you could ever do,” she said.

“But having that support there is what I needed – it is not easy, but you can do it.”

Hannah participated in a Colony 47 civil construction pathway program. She excelled and is now working fulltime with a local firm.

“I now have a fixed address, working every day, getting things done achieving my goals,” she said.

Our acting CEO Dianne Underwood said our JumpStart campaign aims to help people onto stronger footings.

“For young people like Hannah a safe, secure place can seem like an impossible dream,” she said.

“Our modelling shows for as little as $50 per week on average, we can create a life changing difference for a young Tasmanian.

Kids moving into apartment with smiles on faces.

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