Housing Connect Support

Housing Connect Support provides connection and ongoing support for people to address barriers to accessing housing solutions.

People are able to look at available opportunities from a variety of sources including access to:

  • available private rental properties;
  • available social housing;
  • home ownership schemes;
  • supported and disability housing; and
  • aged care housing.

Housing Connect Support provides a range of services including:

  • Support for young people accessing housing for college education through a direct tenancy program. Liaising with relevant education supports and co-case management as required;
  • Support for young people to access safe, affordable and fit for purpose housing; and
  • Support for all referred households from the Housing Connect Front Door to access safe, affordable and fit for purpose housing.

At COVID-19 Stage 1 – Being Aware, Safe and Healthy

We are currently providing services through both face to face discussions and through available phone and technology options.

You may notice that our staff are being very diligent with personal hygiene and safe social distancing measures when you see them.

We are doing this to make sure our spaces are safe for everyone at this time.

Current Service Delivery

  • We are here to support you. Our staff remain to work from our offices.
  • You will find that our consumer face-to-face contact at sites is very limited and the majority is now via telephone or videoconferencing.
  • In line with social distancing, we encourage you not to visit us in person if possible, but please call instead.
  • If visiting in person is required, we encourage you to call ahead so our staff can be prepared to assist you or arrange appropriate alternatives for you.
  • You can reach our Housing Connect team on 1800 800 588 or housing@colony47.com.au

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