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For almost 11 years, our strong partnership with Hydro Tasmania has been in place to directly help the young women accommodated at Mara House. It allows for the provision of support beyond general day to day operations, with a particular focus on providing for material needs, recreational activities, and access to the community. 

This sponsorship has supported Mara House residents to build positive connections with other residents, family members and friends, because there is now more capacity to offer group outings and fun things to do within the community. 

Connection and social engagement have also been promoted in the home, as Mara House has been able to offer a greater supply of activities and we’ve been able to upgrade household items and redecorate.  

Engagement with education and employment has also been encouraged, as Mara House is able to provide greater support with transport, school supplies, uniforms and other items appropriate for school or the workplace.  

While achieving a housing outcome or independence is the ideal goal for the young people in our care, options can be very limited for this age group, and some residents are not quite ready for this step. So, Mara House staff focus on improvement to residents’ wellbeing, engagement with services, self-confidence, connection with others, and overall, with providing an environment in which young people can thrive and feel safe. 

The valued partnership we have with Hydro Tasmania encourages this focus and enables staff to regularly upgrade the physical environment, provide personalised items that support residents to feel valued, and to promote the development of interests and skills during their stay. 

The aims of the partnership are: 

  • To assist with behaviour and attitude changes by increasing self-esteem, trust and engagement with school and community;
  • To develop skills and personal effectiveness by introducing coping strategies, positive hobbies, and increased independence; and 
  • To improve quality of life and well-being by providing greater connections, reduced reliance on supports, increasing motivation and commitment to personal goals.

Thank you Hyrdo Tasmania for your continued support!

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