Calling all landlords!

JumpStart is our rental support program in Tasmania for 18–24-year olds who are ready for independent living once they’ve started working or entered into vocational education and training.

We think this is a really great initiative that we’re prepared to back with our own investment.

What’s in it for me?

If you’ve got a suitable rental property, there’s a few things we think are positives to renting your house through us.

You’ll be helping young people to be safely housed and contributing to the community. Having a stable home is known to help keep young people engaged in employment.

Your rent will be guaranteed, as Colony 47 will be taking on all the risk of the house. We’re also wanting to enter into long term rentals and pay annual increases.

Our extremely professional and capable Property Management team will help look after the house to ensure everything is taken care of. At no extra cost to you.

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