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We know moving house can bring up lots of questions, so we asked our Property Manager Elise some of the more common ones to help:


What money will I be expected to pay before moving in? 

It is a requirement that four weeks bond and two-weeks in advance be paid prior to the keys being handed over. There are avenues available for financial assistance for people having difficulty with these expenses through our front door service such as A NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme) that can help with bond and 2 weeks rent. We may be able to help with that application, please reach out for more information: Housing Connect Front Door | Colony 47

Who pays for water, electricity, and gas? 

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the tenant is responsible for electricity and gas. They are also responsible for water charges where the water meter is individually metered. If there is no individual water meter, the charges cannot be passed on to the tenant. 

Can I use any internet provider? 

If the property doesn’t have a working phone connection when the lease is signed, and the tenant is aware, the owner is not responsible for making a phone connection available to the tenant. If the tenant wants a phone connection, they must ask the owner’s permission and discuss costs. 

If the property already has a phone connection and it is not made clear before the lease is signed that the phone connection does not work, the owner is responsible for fixing the phone connection. 

It’s up to the tenant to be responsible for any internet and data plans they choose to sign up to. They may wish to discuss with the internet provider if it is a clean internet connection and check there will be no service interruptions at their address. 

How do I set up Pay TV? (Satellite Dish) 

If the tenant wishes to have a satellite dish they will require permission from the owner for any property modifications, such as additional power outlets that may need to be installed. 

Am I allowed pets? 

In general, the original property advertisement will advise if pets are negotiable or won’t be considered. Where pets have been approved, the tenant will be required to sign a pet agreement that outlines that the tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the pet residing at the premises.  

Top Tip- Should you wish to negotiate having a pet approved after the lease is signed, ensure property is well maintained and presented in a clean manner and request this from your property manager or owner after the most recent inspection. 

We have 2 cars, but only 1 car park. Can we park in the visitors’ car park? 

No, tenants must use their allocated parking spots. These will generally be numbered the same as the unit or house number. Where all allocated car parking spaces have been utilised tenants must use street parking. 

What happens when my lease expires? 

When a lease expiry is upcoming, the property manager will contact the property owner and suggest a lease term based on a current market analysis. Normally rent reviews are conducted to align with the lease renewal. Once the owner has responded the property manager will send out a lease renewal if that is what the owner has instructed.

Should the owner wish to choose not to renew the lease, a notice to vacate for end of lease will be issued to the tenant, however, the property manager must provide the tenant with 42 clear days’ notice should this occur. 

What happens if I need to leave the property before my lease expires? 

Should you wish to vacate prior to your lease end date, you should inform your property manager at the earliest convenience and provide a vacate date in writing. You as a tenant will be responsible for any rent and advertising costs until a new tenant is secured. 

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