Quality Policy Statement

Colony 47’s vision is a commitment to continue to create a `A thriving, connected and diverse community where no‐one is left behind` by servicing and supporting our local community through our values and quality practices. We  will  meet  our  comprehensive  Consumer  Lead  Strategic  Plan  by  ensuring  we  meet  or  exceed  all  consumer, stakeholders and government expectations. To achieve this Colony 47 has made a commitment to implementing and maintain the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system which ensures focus in the following areas;

4. Context of the ogranisation We will work together with our clients, staff and stakeholders in issues that are relevant to our person‐centred strategic direction.

5. Leadership The  Chief  Executive,  Managers  and  staff  are  responsible  for  meeting  the  requirements  of  the  quality  management system while striving towards our mission and vision statements.

6. Planning Colony  47  will  continually  review  and  plan  to  reduce  or  eliminate risks which  will  affect  our service  delivery. Opportunities for change will be strategically planned, measurable, monitored and reviewed to clarify our consumer’s needs are being met.

7. Support Supporting our staff through `up to date` training, modern technology and a suitable environment will give our competent staff the ability to meet our person‐centred practices.

8. Operations For Colony 47 to achieve consistency in its operations external and internal feedback is welcomed and reviewed  to  ensure  that  the  service  meets  their  needs.  Procedures  and  controls  are  regally  updated  implemented as an outcome of feedback.

Exclusions – Colony 47 has identified the following not applicable to its operations 8.3.1, 8.3.2, 8.3.3, 8.3.4, 8.3.5. 8.3.6

9. Performance evaluation Continually practicing, monitoring and reviewing our quality systems will give our clients the trust and confidence in our service delivery.

We will maintain high quality standards of service by the most efficient means possible while ensuring that our clients and staff are the centre of our focus and decision making.

DCN: 2160
Issued: 1st May 2009
Updated Date: 6th January 2020
Service: Q47

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