What is the Residential Rent Relief Grant?

The Tasmanian Government has established the COVID-19 Residential Rent Relief Grant as a one-off payment paid directly to landlords (or their agents) who have entered into an approved temporary rent reduction agreement with their tenant to keep tenants securely housed in their principle place of residence.

Rent Relief Grant - Fact Sheet for TenantsRent Relief Grant - Fact Sheet for LandlordsFrequently Asked Questions

The Tasmanian Government has also introduced two new support schemes – details can be found here:

COVID-19 Rent Relief Extra Support Scheme

This is for Tasmanian tenants who have already received assistance but need to apply for additional assistance.

Extra Support Scheme - Fact SheetExtra Support Scheme - Application Form

COVID-19 Landlord Support Scheme

This is for Tasmanian landlords who are experiencing financial hardship due to tenants being behind in paying their rent.

Landlord Support Scheme - Fact SheetLandlord Support Scheme - Application Form

Who is eligible for the Residential Rent Relief Grant?

In order to apply for the COVID-19 Residential Rent Relief Grant you must meet set eligibility requirements.

You must be:

  • Renting or boarding in the private market
  • Your portion of the rent is more than 30 per cent of your gross income
  • In financial hardship because of COVID-19 e.g loss of income
  • Have less than $5,000 in total savings

If you meet the eligibility requirements, please proceed to How to apply.

How do I apply for Residential Rent Relief Grant? 

Step 1: Negotiations with your landlord and completing the application:

If you meet the above eligibility criteria, please download the form below and contact your real estate agent/landlord to discuss a reduction in rent.

Once there has been an agreed negotiation please complete sections A-D on the application form with your real estate/landlord. This form allows you to have your negotiation in writing and advises what documents you need to supply. If you cannot meet the requirements of eligibility or supply all required documents, we will be unable to proceed.

Only once this form has been completed and ALL documents are acquired, please move to Step 2.

Residential Rent Relief Grant Application form

Step 2:  Assessing Eligibility

Email your application to rda@justice.tas.gov.au or mail to Rental Services, PO Box 56, Rosny Park TAS 7018.

Please do not provide original documents if submitting this application by post. Copies and images of supporting documentation must be clearly legible to be accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact 1800 800 588 for more information.

Step 3: Department of Justice Approval

The Department of Justice will assess your application and make a decision to approve or decline the application within nine business days. The Department of Justice will notify both the landlord and the tenants of the outcome.

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