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How was Colony 47 involved in your life? I became involved when I was 14, Colony was a safe place for me to be. I went on to become a frontline peacekeeper at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra for 17 years on and off the parliamentary triangle.

What years were you involved with Colony 47? 1974 until 1980.

Your favourite thing about Colony 47? To have been a member of Colony from its grassroots beginning to becoming the largest humanitarian service on The Island makes me proud.

Any memory/story you’d like to share from your time with Colony 47? I recall going on a minibus to Launceston with other young people and Jim and putting on a fundraiser gig at a hall in St John’s Street where we also slept the night. The band played Deep Purple covers and no doubt those dollars were raised to help open the doors at colony 47 and to get soup on the stove. Remember, Colony 47 began from grassroots beginnings.

Any advice you’d like to give present and future staff of Colony 47? Working for such a wonderful humanitarian service that started from such humble beginnings is indeed a privilege. Always have your boundaries but let your heart and passion for humanity always shine through. A lot can be said for kindness and a bowl of stew.

With love, Rissah

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