Step Up Impact

Our Step Up program is an innovative service that helps young people aged 11 to 17 who exhibit violent behaviour towards family members or intimate partners. Utilising an outreach model, Step Up provides one-on-one case management for the young person and their family member or partner. Program participants learn and practice non-violent, respectful ways of communicating and resolving conflicts with those they’ve harmed. Parents receive guidance on respectful parenting that emphasises leadership and positive support, promoting non-violence within the family.

Participation in the program can reduce violent and abusive behaviours, stabilise living conditions, improve safety, and strengthen relationships. Helping young people early reduces the likelihood of homelessness, disengagement from school, and involvement in future domestic violence or criminal activities.

Participation in Step Up can result in stabilised living conditions; strengthened relationships; and increased empowerment and safety.

This, in turn, contributes to:

Reduced youth homelessness.

Fewer young people entering the youth justice system.

Increased engagement with education and training.

Improved health and wellbeing.

To get involved, please contact Peter Buckler: 0417 588 616 |

Supporting Resources

Step Up Evaluation 2018-2022

An external evaluation of our Step Up program conducted by Amanda Johnson.

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Step Up Final Report 2021-22

A summary of Step Up’s service delivery during the 2021-22 FY, written by Fae Robinson Futures.

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Step Up Final Report 2022-23

A summary of Step Up’s service delivery during the 2022-23 FY, compiled by Colony 47 and Fae Robinson Futures.

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Step Up Social Impact Valuation Statement 2019

A social impact statement about the Step Up program by the Australian Social Value Bank from 2019.

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Young, in love and in danger

Written by Dr Carmel Hobbs for Anglicare Tasmania’s Social Action and Research Centre, Young, in love and in danger is the first Tasmanian research of its kind and one of few studies conducted nationally. This research project investigated the experiences of young Tasmanians who had been abused by a partner when under the age of 18.

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Emily’s research

Thesis findings summary

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