Step Up

Step Up is a program that works with adolescents aged 11 to 17 who are using violent behaviour in the home, towards family members or intimate partners.

The program is a one-on-one case management, outreach model that works with both the young person and their family or intimate partner.

Step Up is a curriculum-based intervention where teens learn and practice nonviolent, respectful ways of communicating and resolving conflict with those they have been abusive towards, while parents learn a model of respectful parenting that balances leadership and positive support, promoting non-violence in the family.

Step Up originally ran as a pilot at Colony 47 starting in 2018 and was extended into 2020. It was re-funded in 2021 with a further two-year contract starting this year. Step Up is funded by DECYP.

The Step Up program is now well established in Northern Tasmania with two facilitators outreaching from their office in Launceston.

The Step Up Team has responded to this opportunity with the development of a practice manual and further modification and consolidation of visual resources used to work with young people.

Step Up continues to consistently achieve great outcomes for young people and their families and has built a strong reputation throughout the service sector.

I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve turned over many rocks to resolve things and Colony 47 were great. I could recommend the program to anybody… I already have.

Step Up Participant

If you need some tips for how to get started at home while waiting for the program – please download our free advice sheet below.

Advice for parents and guardians

Post assessment outcomes for young people and parent/carers indicated excellent results from the program last year. During the 2022 – 2023 financial year, we:

Worked with 46 families in Southern Tasmania and 21 families in Northern Tasmania.

Delivered 950 support sessions in total across the state.

Of those surveyed, 83% reported an increase in confidence to follow a safety plan and keep themselves safe.

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