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We are in full preparation mode for The Mind Games 2024, a celebration of positive mental health, community, and teamwork, all with a healthy sprinkle of workplace fun! 


Running since 2019, The Mind Games is a fun, action-packed event to raise money for mental health research. Fifty corporate teams of five people will be put through their paces as they solve stage challenges presented by local businesses. The team must finish the task, before they can move on to the next one.  

Founder and CEO of The Mind Games, Sherri Ring, expressed immense pride in the game’s accomplishments saying the transformation in workplace mental health has been truly remarkable.  

“The Mind Games started to increase team bonding in the workplace that is linked to reduced stress and showing workplaces, in particular leaders, how important is to connect people and help them have fun at work” Ms Ring said.  

“But, it’s not just all about fun,” says Ms Ring, “It’s also about creating awareness and raising funds for mental health research. This year, we’re proud to be extending a stage to our Not-For-Profit partner, Colony 47, all thanks to some incredible support from our Premier, and of course The Minds Games themselves.  

“We want The Mind Games to be accessible to everyone, which is why we’re really excited to offer Colony 47 a stage to promote their business and get their team involved.” Said Ms Ring. 

Our CEO, Dianne says: “We work in an environment where our staff see and hear about traumatic events daily, so it’s important that our leaders know how to recognise and engage with our team to help relieve stress and anxiety before it gets too much”. 

“The Mind Games is the perfect place to let go, build relationships and have fun. We’re looking forward to designing an engaging stage and getting involved in the biggest and best TMG yet. Thank you for having us along.”   

People who wish to contribute or engage in The Mind Games, please visit the organisation’s website at The Mind Games – Race for Research. 

Hear from our team!

Sherri Ring, founder of The Mind Games, sat down with our leadership team and spoke about all the important things including why we believe it’s beneficial to be supporting and participating The Mind Games.

TMG and our Chief Executive Officer, Dianne

TMG and our Chief Operating Officer, Angela

TMG and our Manager Housing Solutions, Olivia

TMG and our Front Door Coordinator, Natasha

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