Ensuring Young People and Children’s Safety

Colony 47 takes the health and well-being of the young people and children that we work with very seriously and we are fully committed to the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

This commitment will see Colony 47:

1.    Promote a culture of child safety at all levels of the organisation.

2.    Ensure all young people are informed of their rights and allow them to participate in decisions affecting them. We will also take their concerns and feedback seriously.

3.    Inform and empower families and communities to participate in decisions which affect their lives.

4.    Ensure that Equity is upheld at all times and that diversity is acknowledged and respected in policies and practices.

5.    Employ and engage only people who are suitable to work with children and young people and provide ongoing relevant training and support to these employees.

6.    Ensure young people are able to raise a concern comfortably and know who to talk with.

7.     Provide staff with the appropriate knowledge, skills and awareness to keep young people safe.

8.    Maintain the safety, suitability and security of our physical and online environments which children and young people access.

9.    Annually review the National Child Safe Principles in-line with our polices and practices.

10.  Undertake regular review of policy and procedures that document how our organisation is child safe.

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Colony 47 take all concerns and feedback seriously and encourage any young people, children or families that have any concerns to contact us. You can contact us through any of the following three ways:

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